It’s not something we like to arrange or think about but unfortunately, we are going to attend a funeral at some point. As hard and stressful this may be Executive Car Southend can help. Hiring one of our vehicles for a loved one’s funeral means you can be transported in peace and privacy.

We make it our top priority to help you with any requirements you may have on this stressful day. With an understanding team of chauffeurs, we are sure to make the process less hard on everyone.

Minicab4You is a professional funeral car hire service, we are more than just cars. We offer a polite and professional service from start to finish. We aim to make sure this stressful day is as easy as can be on you and your loved ones. Please contact us for a free quote and any special requirements you may need.

Please ensure you have a valid booking at the airport due to the current climate on COVID-19.