London has many different pubs, bars and restaurants to suit all tastes.

Nightlife in London usually kicks off in one of the local pubs. The Cleveland Arms and the Merry Boys are popular locations for local residents to convene during the evenings and weekends.

As a leading Willenhall taxi firm, we provide a fast, efficient and affordable drop off and pick up service for all local pubs. If you’d like to avoid any limitations on your evening, Minicab4You gives you the chance to fully enjoy your night out, not requiring you to assign a designated driver.

Whether you’re looking for a taxi to take you on a short ride into the town centre, or even a ride home; Minicab4You will cater for you.

The risk of drink-driving is enormous, not just to your own health but to the health and wellbeing of those around you. Around 3,000 lives are lost on the road each year due to drink driving. A local taxi services gives you the chance to have an enjoyable night out without the worry of finding ways to travel back.

Many of the pubs in London, such as the Cleveland Arms encourage the use of a local taxi service like Minicab4You, as they are fully aware of the benefits we provide.

Our Minicab Service service is extremely popular in the local area, especially on night-outs, due to a number of reasons:

  • Safe Transport from A-B
    When you are enjoying yourself, the last think you want to worry about is how to get home safely; you needn’t worry, Minicab4you will provide you with a safe journey.
  • Affordable Rates
    Unlikely other Willenhall taxi companies, we do not raise our prices after 12am. Our minimum fair is just £5.00.
  • A 24-hour a day service
    We do what we say. We provide a reliable taxi service 24/7/365.
  • App Booking & GPS Tracking
    Our smartphone app allows you to book a taxi from your phone whilst sitting in the warmth of the Cleveland Arms, Merry Boys or other local establishments. Each of our taxis is fitted with GPS tracking so we can tell you their exact location at all times.

Please ensure you have a valid booking at the airport due to the current climate on COVID-19.